Machine Embroidery - What you need to know!

I recently got my own embroidery machine and it was quiet a learning curve. After a few months I have managed to sort out most issues. Here are some of the problem I encountered.

A very common problem in machine embroidery or with an embroidery machine is thread breakage. The following articles will explain how to prevent or resolve problems this and other issues associated with machine embroidery.

Thread Tension: The tension of the threads must be constantly checked on the embroidery machine, and adjusted. If little or insufficient tension on the threads over loading can cause thread breakage.

If the voltages are incorrect, inaccurate or even out, it could lead to yarn breakage.

The voltage should be in 2/3 ratio. The upper thread should have 2/3 of the voltage, the lower thread, however 1/3. The bobbin thread should be visible to a third there. In case of problems check also before each separate setting the thread runs, to make sure that the thread passes right in the devices of embroidery machine.

Embroidery threads or sewing thread can be a big deciding factor in machine problems. Yarns have to be high quality. The weather is also a factor. Air conditioning, wind, heat, cold, humidity, oily hands, etc., all can have negative effects on the embroidery quality.

Check thread quality by breaking it by hand. If it breaks easily, quality may be an issue.

Embroidery needles

The embroidery needles are normally no reason for major problems. The embroidery needles have a very high load limit and durability. Nevertheless, these can dull or get minor scratches and bumps. Mostly through the embroidery of hard, heavy fabrics.

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Since very good embroidery needles are very reasonably priced, it is often better to replace all the needles on the embroidery machine if in doubt. Generally you should replace all the embroidery machine needles every 12 months.

If the material that is not correctly clamped this can also cause problems. The design or the embroidered patterns can also lead to major problems if not programmed correctly. Stick program creation is an art in itself. It is very important that it runs clean and correctly. When an embroidery program was wrong or not well programmed, it can lead to holes in the fabric to yarn breaks or other unpleasant problems.

Below are some designs I hope to be able to create with my new embroidery machine.